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Cpl. Hanz (USMC / MWD Handler)

Much like the role of "Priest" Vallon played by Leam Neason in Gangs of New York, Cpl. Hanz's death is the match that strikes the flame; through out the story, flashbacks to the moment of his fall in battle will serve as the pivotal moment that changed our lead's (Damien) perspective and outlook on life. Through Damien's eyes we visit Cpl. Hanz's rebellious youth that Damien finds a mirror image of his own.  Cpl. Hanz opens Damien's eyes to what might have been both had Cpl. Hanz lived to fulfill his full potential and if he, Damien, had like Hanz, been cut down at the prime of his young life. In many ways Damien as Chief D.O.A.®™ is an exploration of what might have been based on the unfulfilled potential and strength Damien saw in Cpl. Hanz's eyes in those last moments.   

Someone Else? - Queensryche
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