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Sergeant Ashley Barr (USMC Active)

co-lead and love interest

USMC Sergeant Ashley Barr is a sexy and feisty Louisianian redhead serving as an Intelligence Analyst stationed at Blue Diamond (B2) Ar Ramadi in 2004-05 (the backdrop to our story). Ashley is also the much younger love interest of our lead protagonist Chief D.O.A.. Sergeant Barr is a tough nosed Jarhead through and through who grew up fearlessly swimming in the gator infested Bayou, so she's not the type that shies away from challenges or threats directed at her career but she never lets her spirited cockiness overshadow her capabilities.  She is looked upon by her superiors as somewhat of an Intel Oracle whose character idiosyncrasies are to be tolerated for the greater good of the war effort.  When it comes to locating and targeting the enemy's IIC's (Iraqi Insurgency Cells) there is none better, and that accuracy has earned her a slot firmly on the fast track to the upper echelon and her own JIAG (Joint Intelligence Activity Group).  And though Ashley is an all business Devil Dog at heart she never stops being a woman, if nothing else Sergeant Ashley Barr will shatter every stereotype of a female Marine and perhaps the entire Marine Corps in general.  Ashley was the first in her family to earn a college degree and while she is always respectful she never allows the inflated heads of elevated ranks to stop her from telling it like it is.  The character of Ashley is NOT a vixen type and while she takes how she looks in uniform with equal importance to how she looks out of it, she possesses superior intelligence, command of her environment, a love for all animals, Sinatra music, and leaves a lasting impression.

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