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Former shooter now pursuing a second career as a screenwriter and novelist. 


I borrow from my past life experiences and skill set in order to weave reality into my storylines, therefore I describe my style as reality-based-action-adventure-fiction. I craft my storylines with passion, adventure, and intrigue, but above all else, respect for the operators/shooters and the difficult and dangerous missions they continue to embark in every day. I present my protagonists with real-world challenges and avoid preconceived solutions. Instead I allow those solutions to unfold naturally via the character's highly developed critical thinking skills. I do not shy away from the internal conflicts that are a part of every tight-knit team. In contrast to other writers without field experience, I present my stories from a boots on the ground perspective avoiding the more common technique of 'god-like overview'. Fact is that most tactical military work is more akin to viewing a high-stress situation through a straw while breathing through a snorkel, rather than from an overhead view on a 50" plasma TV.   


My works are fast paced and generally third-person-limited narratives, though I choose to give my antagonists liberal use of omniscient-voice in order to dispel the myth of a singular definition of virtue.  I do not believe in an absolute truth.  Rather I believe that life is a struggle to survive with no definitive right or wrong, or good versus evil---only perspectives draped by flags, standards, slogans, and faiths. I use similar techniques to communicate my philosophies within my screenplays, while my first hand tactical knowledge and skills allow me to carefully craft visually vivid and true-to-life scenarios.


I write under a pseudonym, as I feel the greatest tool of a writer is anonymity. To me it should always be about the story and not the story teller.


Everything I write is dedicated to those brave few whose devotion was eternal. You are missed.


JT (2013)





Someone Else? - Queensryche
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