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RRoy (the K9)

non-human co-lead

RRoy was bred as part of the Lackland Air Force Base's Military Working Dogs puppy breeding program, which is why his name is spelled with double capital letters as a designator of his breeding from two registered MWD's.  RRoy LAB/PBP #086 is a large, 140 lbs. Brindle Coat Dutch Shepherd who graduated Top Dog from each three of his schooling levels: Basic Training with the 341st Air Force K9 Training Squadron, Team Training with the 37th AF/SF, and then the Advanced Tactics MWD Teams school aboard Marine Corps Air Station Mirama.  It was as MCAS Miramar that RRoy was paired with a young Marine Lance Corporal by the name of Bart Hanz. Along his way to being designated as a Tier One MWD slated for future service with SEAL Team Six, Cpl. Hanz and RRoy were deployed to serve with a deployed SEAL Task Units from ST-8 in Ar Ramadi Iraq.


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