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"Ahab" Turner (USN SEAL MCPO Ret.)

third-lead and primary supporting role

Master Chief “Ahab” Turner (64) 6’3” 220lb+ bald and of Russian descent:  Former U.S. Navy UDT/SEAL (UDT/R Class 22 Summer of 1959 a class of only 12 graduates). He is gritty and salty type with a bald head and perfectly groomed snow-white goatee.  Ahab displays a large tattoo of Freddie the Frog along the left side of his torso and one of equal size of Sammy the Seal along his right side. He also displays Navy Master Chief Anchor anchor and chain tattoos on each forearm. Ahab is a no nonsense old Navy SEAL who was Damien's (the Lead) mentor (in Navy parlance: Sea Daddy). Ahab Turner has 45 years of public service divided into 35 in the Navy (58-93), during which he deployed to the RVN for the first time in 1963 with MTT-463 to train the LDNN, the South Vietnamese SEALs. During his stay in RVN he ran CIA sponsored ops into North Vietnam and Cambodia with the Team of myth and legend Det Bravo (Sub-Unit of ST-2) supporting the Provincial Reconnaissance Units (PRU). Ahab lost most of his right leg in Vietnam but went back to service and remained with the Teams transferring to ST-3 and later Six's IRC (Internal Recruiting Cell) until his retirement following Desert Storm and Operation Restore Hope.  Ahab followed up those 35 years with 10 more at Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) Counterintelligence and HUMINT DX Branch. While in Iraq at the time that our story is set, he is serving in Iraq as the LNO between DX, Special Operations Units, and DoD’s newly minted and highly classified Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA). Ahab Turner served in every major conflict between Vietnam and Somalia and earned two Silver Stars and eight Bronze Stars.

Ahab is considered to be one of the Zeus-like-elders that spawned and mentored dozens of Herculean young SEALs that went on to  amass legends of their own. Personally Ahab holds long animosities toward CIA personnel for the way they handled operations in Vietnam MAC-V SOG, this fact makes the needed relationship between he and Nick Pell edgy and tenuous yet always entertaining.

​​Ahab's military references are always dated for example he refers to killing of the enemy by the old Vietnam era SEAL lingo of “churching”, and Naval Intel Liaisons Officer as NILOs, anyone not in the Teams as Black Shoes, and non sanctioned ops as OTBS for off the books stupidities just to name a few.

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