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Ameed Ali Ahmed nom de guerre: Ali Saif (#67 on the Coalition's Most Wanted)

lead antagonist

Interior Ministry Ameed (General) Ali Ahmed is a former Iraqi Secret Intelligence Service (Mukhabarat) High Ranking Official under Saddam Hussein, who after the Coalition's invasion in 2003 has reinvented himself as an arrogant, swagger stick wielding, gold plated 1911 side arm toting, Chief of Police for Ar Ramadi, which is of course the crucial and tumultuous capital of the Al Anbar Province (The Sunni Triangle). Ameed Ali Ahmed has now set his lofty goals at being appointed/elected Superintendent of all police forces for the Al Anbar Province. But among the Ameed's closeted skeletons is the fact that he was under investigation by his own Mukhabarat Internal Affairs Directorate (D6) who believed him to be planning a military coup d'etat against the Hussein Klan employing the long simmering Shi'a Resistance.  D6 had been tracking his every movement for nearly a decade as he used his Iraqi Mukhabarat credentials to travel and develop close working relationships from Syria all the way to the Gaza Strip where Hamas had long ruled behind the scenes.  An exceedingly intelligent scholar type with no recorded life prior to achieving his degrees in Applied Mathematics from Baghdad University and a PhD. in Physics from Oxford University (England). Coupled with his military training and espionage tradecraft and the resulting individual is the Coalition's worst nightmare: a man with the intellectual background and hands on Special Operations know how that can one day come to rule the very country they have just liberated from another tyrant.  Making matters worse, he could do it all with their help as the Coalition has created what is to be a free and open society with Western leaning democratic model within the new Iraq and under such a model Ameed Ali Ahmed, a.k.a. Ali Saif (Ali's Sword), a.k.a. #67 can campaign openly, be elected into office by his own people without the Coalition having legal recourse to oppose his election.  Meanwhile, behind the scenes Sergeant Ashley Barr has uncovered a treasure trove of discarded D6 files liberated during the occupation that point to the Ameed's connection to the notoriously disruptive Ramadi II (Iraqi Insurgency) Cell. Via Sgt. Barr's briefs to U.S. Ranking Officers, we follow as she and her Joint Intelligence Activity Group (JIAG) methodically lifts the veil of lies and deception Ali Saif has created to reinvent himself into Ameed Ali Ahmed and along the way she and the rest of JIAG finds themselves squarely in their nemesis's cross-hairs.  It's a race to uncover actionable intelligence in time to target a man before he becomes untargetable.   

Someone Else? - Queensryche
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