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U.S. Senator Dale Dean Lynch (USN SEAL RET.)

cameo type supporting role (Overwatch)

*lead role for tie in trilogy Same Flag

Senator Lynch's military and educational career is extensive including distinguished service as a SEAL Team member and Plank Owner at Team Eight, a Law Degree from Harvard University supplemented by Masters and PhD.s' in the field of International Relations and postings as Guest Lecturer (i.e. Professor with out tenure) at the Naval Post Graduate School, in the field of Special Operations. When he at last retired as a Full Captain he built his Lynch Enterprises Inc. flagship company CAP/S (Contact Action Professionals / Shooters) one of the first to offer former special operations personnel for hire. All this he parlayed into a successful bid to the U.S. Senate representing his home state, the Great State of Colorado.  But all his overt success were merely overcompensation for lost time and a veil tossed over a life of operational toil which began from the get go. Upon the completion of his probationary period with Team Two, like most young shooters, he was looking for the opportunity to prove his metal and it was in that vein that the newly minted Navy SEAL officer jumped at the chance to serve as an LNO in Italy---a posting that promised nothing but exciting work and even more exciting time away from work sailing the Med. But he could not predict the series of events that that decision would put into play when he witnessed an "accidental" shooting by members of an Israel 's Shayetet 13 (Israel's Navy SEALs) unit he had been attached to by the joint NATO exercise organizers. Accused in conjunction with the S13 Team, a Board of Inquiry was assembled and determined no direct culpability but still the Italians insisted he be removed from the post and returned to the U.S. Rather than returning stateside with an initial failure under his crispy white cap, Lynch accepted an LNO post offered by the S13 Commander, it was a chance to redeem himself. But the relationship soon went south when he discovered that it had been the Israeli commander who had "persuaded" the BoI to rule in their favor, but by that time Lynch had already begun to take part in cross border operations with S13 into Lebanon under the guise of an "observer". In reality he had long ago crossed the lines into an honorary member of what he had yet to discover to be a cover for a Mossad sponsored Mustarabi unit tasked with neutralizing Palestinian Militants wherever they may be.   While in Israel he was approached by U.S. CIA who explained his quandary and promptly recruited him happy to get a man inside the Israeli Intelligence Apparatus.  But his dark cloud and conscience got the better of him after taking part in a direct action.  This lead to his admission to his superiors that he had taken part in the killing of a suspected Palestinian Militant on Greek soil.  The Greeks offered the two guilty countries, the U.S. and Israel, the customary option for such infractions by personnel in foreign territories: monetary restitution. But this time the Greek Government also followed up with a stipulation that each country discipline their personnel within their own system as such Lynch was sentenced to a year at Fort Levenworth's Castle.  And while his incarceration avoided a dishonorable discharge it only resulted in emboldening the young SEAL officer who resumed his dual purpose role immediately upon his release. Desert Shield and Storm came and went and behind the scenes the focus became the removal of Saddam Hussein by any means possible something Lynch, now a Full Commander with teams latest and greatest shinny bobble: ST-8, was well versed in. Together with his old cohorts they began to dream up ever more daring operations into Iraq until eventually he hit the right combination of crazy on that mystical probability scale CENTCOM employs. But when the operation was compromised and went goatfuck it became an all out race for the border.  In the process he became pinned under the weight of their getaway car and his best buddy did the only thing he could to save him: he field amputated both of his legs below the knees.  Returning home with no legs from an operation that according to the official story had never taken place made for difficult times.  Eventually he recovered physically and went on with his life.  But that with such a life he amassed an army of enemies should not be of any surprise.  Those same enemies of past became of present when he decided to pursue his political aspirations and worked diligently and plotted to block his ascension to the Legislative Branch out of fear that he would undertake a campaign against them due to the prior bad blood. And much like him these enemies who taught him how to pursue success by any possible means were not about to forget their own lessons. They proved their resolve by sacrificing the life of his best friend who was at the time conducting a CAS/SAS-PM sponsored operation intended to target Udday Hussein for assassination while working inside the USNCOM Weapons Inspectors in Iraq.

The Senator Lynch character makes a cameo appearance at the end of Trident Skull hoping to recruit Chief D.O.A. into the ranks of his companies Covert Missions Task Unit he has dubbed "Black Onion" for all the layers its sheltered by.   


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